Monday, March 3, 2008

Aliya's 8th Birthday Party!

The Dollar Store!
Yumm McDonald's!
The Beautiful Cake that I made!

Aliya Originally wanted to have a tea party at our house. She changed her mind and wanted to take a few friends to the Dollar Store, McDonalds and then home for Cake, Ice Cream, and Presents! They had so much fun!

Aliya Turns 8!

Aliya's actual Birthday was on Thursday Feb 28th, we took her to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner that night.

My baby has turned 8 years old! She will be babtized on March 15th!

So Tired!

So I was getting the kids ready for bed and I went to find Jessica but she wasn't answering me when I was calling her. This is what I found. Someone didn't have a nap!

Garden Time!

So we did it! Well Russ did most of it! :) I just helped hold up the fence every once in a while and took pictures! We started up our first garden! The kids had so much fun!