Monday, March 3, 2008

Garden Time!

So we did it! Well Russ did most of it! :) I just helped hold up the fence every once in a while and took pictures! We started up our first garden! The kids had so much fun!


Leslie said...

That is awesome! You guys are better than us...we have yet to ever have a garden but it is one of my goals this year! Thanks for sharing & inspiring us to get on it. :o)

Matheson's said...

I too hope to have a garden someday! Great job guys! That pic of Jessica sleeping is TOO cute.

Leanne said...

I thought the story about how when the dog got into the strawberries and you spanked him and Jessica began to cry because you spanked the dog is so cute! She really is tenderhearted. Being surrounded by loving sensitive females will surely teach you patience Rusty and bring out your nuturing soft spot. I can already begin to see a very kind loving daddy and husband starting to emerge from all that male hormones!