Monday, June 23, 2008

Fathers Day Yummmy!

Aliya decided to make cupcakes for Russ for Fathers Day, All by herself she started getting out the ingredients, she put in cocoa, sugar, milk. she wanted to bake it in her own little cooking set. I did not want to cook it since it was all just thrown all together and I thought it wouldnt do anything, but she really wanted to, so I helped her throw in some baking soda, baking powder and flour. We measured NOTHING! She was so exited to see them raising in the oven. Russ tried one very unsure about the whole experience and he said they actually didn't taste bad! Aliya was so proud she took some to school in her lunch and gave one to her teacher! She will be such a good cook! She always wants to help!
I made this way yummy Reece's Peanut Butter cake for Russ, it was Awsome! It was gone within a few days! Seriously, I have not had a better cake. I got the recipe from someone else's blog! We topped it with Reece's ice cream! YUMM! I also made him some shrimp scampi. That was a big step for me since shrimp sicks me out to look at it let alone cook it! So needless to say Russ was so exited that I was actually making a kind of fish! He Loved it and said it tasted like Carrabba's. he kept saying "next time, we will put in less noodles so it can be saucier!" I said "What do you mean next time? How do you know there will be a next time?" He goes "Oh there will be a next time!" HAHA! Well I was pretty proud since I never made it before!

This is the normal routine before bed, the girls get a piggy back or shoulder ride to bed! They love it!


Matheson's said...

What a good wife you are :) That cake looks sooooo yummy- I want the recipe. Email me please. Those bubble above look so fun.

Brandon & Mandi Hemming said...

YUMMY CAKE!! Good job!

Melissa said...

Look like Aliya's cupcakes turned out good! What a go! You're Reese's cake looked really yummy. You'll have to give me the recipe. Can't wait to see you guys in (Yay!!) California next week.