Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Aliya! 2/28/10

I can't believe my little Aliya is already 10! I love her so much! Here are the things I love about Aliya

1. She is very caring and loving
2. She still wants to hold my hand at school in front of her friends, and wave goodbye to me when I drop her off.
3. She loves animals
3. She wants to be a pet Doctor, a pet rescuer, or live on a farm when she grows up.
4. She Loves Science
5. She is really good at playing the Piano and she enjoys it.
6. She still wants me to lay down with her when she goes to sleep.
7. She Loves to be home, she would rather be home than go out as a family
8. I love all the cute crafts and drawings she makes me.
9. She is such a good big sister and Jessica just loves her.
10. She is very smart.
11. She enjoys dance class and is very good at it, she is Super Flexible! I swear she is part gumby! :)
12. She is shy an sweet
13. She loves swimming
14. She loves art
15. She likes crystals, rocks and fossils
16. Ever since learning her new dance, she has a new love for the Cyndi Lauper Video "Girls Just want to have Fun" She listens to that song in her room all the time!

I could go on and on! I just Love that Girl!

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Melissa said...

Yes, she is a sweetheart. I can't believe she's 10 already. Looks like she got a pedicure. How fun!