Friday, May 30, 2008

Jessica's Swimming class!

Jessica loved her swimming class! She was the only one that was not crying! Then the next day she did not want to go, I was thinking, " I hope she is not getting sick. Took her temperature and it was barely 99 degrees and I thought, hmmm mabey she will be fine and made her swim. She cried the entire time and I guess that just ruined the fun swimming class! she then cried at every class. I wish I would of just had her stay home that day. Hopefully she will like it next week. I am taking her swimming with Aliya a few times before that and hopefully she will remember how much fun it is!

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Brandon & Mandi Hemming said...

Love the cake!! ha! and yes- your kids are so cute!! I cannot believe how big Aliya is!! That's so crazy!!

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