Friday, May 30, 2008

My kids are so cute!

Aliya at school playing piano in music class!
Jessica decided to put on my lipstick!
Jessica loves Birthdays! Even when they are not hers! She will sing the Happy Birthday song all day!
My mom's Birthday cake that I made, HAHA! I did not wait until the cake of frosting cooled before I frosted it! And did not trim the bottom layer to make it sit flat. The result? A cake that kept slipping off the bottom layer and when I tried to push it back on, it ripped the side of the cake off! AHH! Oh well, it tasted great and my mom thought it was funny! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
Aliya and My neice Loa in Show Low


Leslie said...

Yes they are are so extremely cute! Love the post!

Melissa said...

Yes, your girls definetely are cute. Love the lipstick on Jessica!! Love the new blog background also!!