Friday, May 30, 2008

So ugly its cute?

So the day after my Birthday, my neighbor found these 2 dogs in my neighborhood that almost got hit by a car. He asked if I wanted them. I took them to the vet to see if they were microchipped. Of course the irresponsible owner did not do that. So what happened? They got lost and now the owner will probably never find them! PEOPLE, YOU NEED TO MICROCHIP YOUR PETS! All the shelters and Vets will scan for one first thing when a pet shows up to their facilities. Then the owner will be contacted. And don't even get me started on the shelters and how sad it is when most of the pets die because their owners either give them up or arent responsible to microchip them. Just pay the $25 and get it done! Click here to find out the reality of "Shelters" you will probably cry, I did... but you really need to understand the reality of the shelters. If I knew this before we bought our dog I would have gotten one at the shelter and saved a life. Call me an animal activist if you want but this is something I feel strongly about. Guess what? Your lost or unwanted pet that was either purposly left out to get lost or taken to the shelter can't go up to a human and say, "I really miss my home, can you help me find it?" or they can't say from the inside the scary shelter's kennel "I am really scared and depressed, Why does my family not come and get me?" Or the ones that really don't want to go to their previously abusive home, "Please get me out of this place! Please take me with you!" Dogs are smart and they can sense what is going on. What happened to these dogs in the picture you ask? Well after about 2 weeks of posting found ads all over the internet, including one the shelters use with no response from the owner, I found them a new loving home! Oh and by the way, SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!

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